How Do Polar Bears Hunt ?


  • Seals
    • Ringed Seals
    • Bearded Seals
  • Walruses
  • Whales
  • Narwhals
  • Plants
  • Berries

Types of Prey:

  • Aquatic Prey 
    • Any source of food that lives in the Arctic waters
  • Land Prey
    • Any source of food that lives on land

Hunting Aquatic Prey:

  • Still Hunting
  • Aquatic Stalk

Hunting Land Prey:

  • Stalking (general)
  • Stalking Birth Lairs


Stalking is a common hunting method polar bears use to capture food on land. This is when a polar bear spots a seal and follows them from 15 to 30 meters away. Once the polar bear is ready, they will charge at the seal and captures it before they can return to the Arctic water.

Mama & Baby Hunting Methods

When a mama and cub are together, their most used method of hunting is Stalking Birth Lairs. These seal birth lairs are attached to land and are where seal pups reside. Mama and cubs use this hunting method because it avoids the crossing of water as well as baby interaction with any male polar bears since male polar bears do not hunt birth lairs.

Adorable seal posing for our photographer: Thomas Kokta

Still Hunting

The most common method of hunting. This is when a polar bear waits on the edge of ice and remain motionless as they wait for their prey, usually a seal, to surface. They will catch the seal by its head or upper body, then pull the entire seal onto the surface of the ice.

Aquatic Stalk

This is when a polar bear swims to a piece of sea ice and emerges from the water quickly to grab its prey. After capture, they bite the seal several times in the head and neck.

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