Where Do Polar Bears Live?

The Arctic is an ocean surrounded by various countries. A 2-3 meters thick block of frozen sea water floats on the water’s surface, creating a home for polar bears.

Polar bears can only be found in ONE location: the Arctic. The Arctic is the northernmost part of our planet and is surrounded by parts of the United States (Alaska), Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Canada, Norway, Russia, and Sweden.

It is home of the North Pole and thousands of Polar Bears. The polar bear is one of the few species that can survive the Arctic’s extremely cold temperatures and snowy environment.

You would definitely have to bundle up if you wanted to see a polar bear in its natural habitat!

Total % Of All Polar Bears that Live in The Arctic

How Do Polar Bears Survive the Cold?

Polar Bears have a thick fur coat and a bulky layer of fat. Their thick fur and dense fat layer protect polar bears from the Arctic’s extreme temperatures.

The North Pole


Middle of The Arctic Circle

Average Summer Temperature:

32 degrees Fahrenheit

Average Winter Temperature:

– 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Sea Ice Thickness:

2-3 Meters

Depth of Arctic Ocean:

4,000 Meters

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